Not just a questionnaire, but maximizing the application value from the survey data.

SurveyCake provides enterprise-grade, cloud-based survey service, with which users can design professional and dynamic questionnaires on their own. Different from the general online survey services, SurveyCake focuses on solving problems faced by users when they conduct surveys and analyze collected data, and therefore making it time-saving and easy-breezy to design a good questionnaire.

SurveyCake can easily assist all professions to obtain direct internal and external opinions, performance feedback, item counts, etc. in the most efficient way, and then convert them into valuable viewpoints to help improve sales performance, process efficiency, and service quality. In addition, SurveyCake also supports integration with third-party systems and private clouds, to offer the most flexible customization and highest level of security, maximizing the value of data from every single questionnaire.

In the post pandemic era, enterprises need cloud application services even more in order to accelerate their digital transformation. Following the trend, Chief Telecom joins hand with SurveyCake, and the partnership will be able to provide domestic and global enterprise customers with cloud-based survey service that is complying with Taiwan laws and regulations and supporting with smooth and stable internet quality. Moreover, it will enable enterprise customers to focus on market expansion and sales performance improvement, and further promote Taiwan’s cloud business application services in foreign markets.

Service Features
Benefits of Application

Servers in Chief Telecom

  • Compliance with international standards of datacenters with all devices connected to UPS system and dual power loops and 7x24 NOC available.
  • To ensure that the service meets all aspects required by cloud services, the test benchmarks are set using the SaaS Product Cloud Service Technology Features Test Table of the Cloud Open Lab so the security and capability of the service are tested through an impartial third party.
  • Certified by ISO 27001, 27011, 27017, and 27018 so the security of customers’ data and system on the cloud are ensured. Records and information of customers’ cloud service usage can be provided if required.

Chief Telecom’s network

  • Connected with multiple global and domestic ISPs as well as home internet and mobile internet providers. TPIX is also one of the most important internet exchanges in Taiwan.
  • Chief Telecom is in cooperation with multiple international carriers as well as being the neutral TPCX, where all newly established submarine cable systems in Asia can be connected with to Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
  • Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) provides virtual private connections to multiple public clouds, through which customers can easily connect to international public clouds via dedicated links or VPN.

Functions of the survey service

  •  PRO functions included.
  • Customization of survey link domain name, UI, loading screen and logo based on CIS supported.
  • Team management available for each survey. Different authority levels can be set for each team member to extend the space of cooperation from idea generation, planning, to execution.
  • Additional customization available (additional charges required), such as integration of third-party DB and internal system, SMS/e-mail OTP verification, social media AD login, back-end management of event registration and check-in, etc.

Success stories

Catering industry

"The most satisfying dining experience comes from the most prompt feedbacks"
E-survey for better listening to the customers

A Taiwan domestic catering group introduced SurveyCake to its 20 brands and 500 stores. After the deployment of e-survey, the willingness to fill out the satisfaction survey has increased 50%, meaning the customers have become more willing to share their dining experiences with the brands. Through the integration of POS and feedback warning system, the staffs are able to know the customers’ dining situations more efficiently in order to promptly provide all-round services and responses, and better serve each customer.

Automotive industry

"Leading the industry from premium services for car owners"
Deep data connection to strengthen the relationship with car owners

The international car brand has applied SurveyCake connected to its back-end DB for more than one hundred of car maintenance shops, so the past maintenance records of cars will be automatically filled in, to help the frontline staffs and sales repsprovide all-round maintenance services. Additionally, the client uses SurveyCake as a platform to record car owners’ preferences, and cross-analyzes these output data , which is effective to strengthen the following marketing communications or member relationship management.

Financial industry

"Data collection and analysis to maximize customer lifetime value "
Effective customer categorization to satisfy different requirements of each customer type

The bank-grade information security mechanism of SurveyCake can satisfy the strictest information security requirements of enterprises. Therefore, a financial insurance group has deployed SurveyCake for routine information tracking and maintenance of the insured. The client also conducts advanced cross analysis by requirements, preference and insurance amount at the back-end of SurveyCake and integrates it with internal enterprise DB to effectively categorize the insured customers for sales package adjustment, and has greatly improved the overall turnover rate.

Medical industry

"People-oriented,listen to the voices of frontline healthcare workers and patients"
Comprehensive integration of all medical professions to be the leader of the industry

An international pharmaceutical company deploys SurveyCake to gather the feedbacks from the industry leaders and frontline staffs as well as to optimize the process of seminars. From event registration, check-in, live interactive voting to post-event feedbacks, SurveyCake does not only help the company save manpower costs, but also effectively integrate the opinions and feedbacks on different topics of the industry leaders and frontline staffs to be used as references for R&D of medicines and medical materials.

Tourism industry

"Trip-planning for different customer categories to create the perfect vacation"
Maximization of the survey application flexibility to provide innovative services

The leading tourism brand has deployed SurveyCake as travel plan introduction pages through embedded multimedia and application of various question types. In addition, it has also combined the introduction pages and the registration form to reduce transitions between different web pages and successfully increase turnover rate. Furthermore, it has integrated the survey back-end and CRM system, and conducted advanced cross analysis by member data and feedbacks, which not only benefits in market segmentation afterwards, but serves as important reference of tour packages for different customer categories.