Secure Storage x Any-Time Access for Enterprise Data

ArkEase Pro(AEP), the enterprise collaborative work platform, integrates cloud storage, file sharing, mobile working, security and user-friendly to allow enterprise users to store data on the cloud storage, archive files based on their habits, and share files and discuss on the cloud environment. The data generated by members can be synchronized on the dedicated enterprise cloud database in the meantime. By means of having system security control mechanism over transmission, storage, access and authority sharing, the risks of data leakage and loss are minimized to the lowest level.

When enterprises deploy cloud service structure along with AEP, they can significantly improve their employees’ efficiency of mobile working and securely manage and control enterprise internal data at the same time. The centralized management backend of AEP has a user-friendly full-view interface which reduces the burden of IT staffs and greatly improves the system administrator’s efficiency of real-time resource allocation and data security control.

  • 1.Enterprise Cloud Storage
  • 2.Collaborative Work among Multiple Users
  • 3.Cross-Device Access
  • 4.Data Security Control
Service Functions
File Management
  • Multi-platform Synchronization:Multi devices seamless synchronization, support Win/Mac/iOS/Android.
  • Multi-platform Sharing:Easily share and link the virtual space no matter of file size.
  • Searching:Support filename searching.
  • Online browsing: Most of the major file formats of documents, graphics, videos and music can be viewed online without having to be downloaded.
  • Outlook Integration: Email attachments use cloud connectivity to resolve file size limit.
  • Office Integration:Open and edit cloud files directly to increase productivity
Collaborative Work
  • Online Editing :Online editing can be automatically stored and updated, and team members' folders will be updated instantly.
  • Version Control :Error detection, can be restored in time.
  • Security control on file-sharing :Personnel operation and access authorization control, file encryption time setting.

Supervision Backend
  • Roles of members :Team members are divided into different role with different access authority.
  • Logs: Logs of all activities are kept for audit purpose.
  • Logs Export :Help manager for logs analysis and integration.
User Interface
  • Draggable: Intuitive file or member drag-and-drops supported when doing shifting or classification.
  • Easy for browsing: Accessible with opening of browsers.
  • Adaptability: Multiple screens and browsers supported.
Service Features
Highly Efficient Work Environment
  • Various upload methods which are user-friendly.
    • Draggable list operation; select files with the mouse; right click to operate function list.
  • Supporting multiple task windows.
    • Able to operate other functions during upload so no time is wasted.
  • File synchronization.
    • Automatically sensing the differences between client end and cloud file folders and only conduct synchronization on the differences.
    • If the synchronization process is interrupted by bad connection or disconnection, it will immediately resume once the connection is back to normal.
  • Reduce space wasting.
    • Flexible, self-configuring shared resource pool.
Information Security Management
  • Data storage and back-up.
    • Encryption on every file.
    • Able to recover instantly.
    • HA structure.
  • Data protection.
    • All transmission is https/SSL encrypted.
    • Access target/device/time are recorded.
    • Support Financial grade identity certification
  • Management of file access.
    • Control/remote deletion on user login access.
    • Management of file access/operation access.
    • Integrated Enterprise Account System (AD/LADP).
    • Quick setting and transfer of resignation data
  • Activity logs.
    • Complete records of file logs.
    • Support Report Export (.csv).
  • Detecting Ransom Files.
    • Real-time monitoring and discovering ransomware, immediately cut off synchronization, and quickly restore infected files in the cloud.
Fields of Application
Enterprises, Education Organizations, Government Agencies

Reduce the hardware and management cost, securely maintain enterprise know-how, and increase productivity through different applications by deploying cloud database.

General Users

Deploy personal database at will; favorites, tags, and quick launch bars are in place for different personal archiving habits.

Structure of the Platform

The user interface of AEP is designed with an aim to allow users to conveniently store and manage files as well as search files anytime, anywhere. It supports instant viewing, collaborative work, and synchronization of iOS and Android mobiles devices with Windows desktop, which provides highly efficient productivity for enterprise users.

AEP has several security controls, with file uploads and transmission encrypted. Also, it is stored by the method of distributive data storage in Chief Telecom’s ISO-certified datacenter.

When using AEP, users need to pass identity and access checks when login in and accessing. Furthermore, all user activities are kept in complete log records, with which IT staffs can query user activity logs at backend, and instantly conduct security controls such as resource allocation, change of user access levels, data transfer of former employees, and organize enterprise structure, with which enterprises can confidently implement the solution and start collaboration in the cloud environment.

Structure of the Platform
Benefits of Application
  • Securely maintain enterprise know-how.
  • Reduce investment in hardware.
  • Reduce management burden on IT staffs.
  • The cost of deploying cloud services can be managed by method of service-leasing.
  • Flexibly allocate storage and bandwidth resources.
  • The system is horizontally expandable.
  • Collaborative work efficiency of organizations is improved.
  • Multi -platform synchronization and sharing access anywhere.

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