Outstanding mail auditing performance with one-butt regulatory compliance

The Mail Audit system is a secure e-mail gateways (SEGs) solution designed for outbound data loss prevention {OLP) and e-mail encryption. Sensitive information such as contracts, business secret s or the personal information of employees and users can be blocked and the alarm rose in real-time through Mail Audit 's proprietary mail auditing and filtering technology. When important information is being sent out, the PKI signature encryption service of the e-mail authentication function can also be used to secure the outgoing information against unauthorized access. Users with large organizations don't need worry about blind spots in group-level policies either. Mail Audit offers a hierarchical auditing framework that allows auditing conditions to be set at any level of the organization. The top-down approach provides you with the most convenient and secure mail auditing tool.

Product Benefits
Product Benefits

Full detection of important personal and confidential information

  • Flow -Prevent information from being maliciously leaked to unauthorized parties and full log archives.
  • Personal Information -Compound personal information auditing thresholds to prevent false-positives from signature files.
  • Attachments - Supports the scanning of more than 50 file formats including PDF and ZIP.
  • Content -Pick up illegal keywords in the mail subject or hidden within the body text.

Comprehensive mail auditing process that satisfies corporate management requirements

  • DLP Policy - DLP policy can be tailored to the organizational structure and individual departments.
  • Warning -Monitoring personnel are alerted in real-time of abnormal mail behavior.
  • Review -Automated or manual handling.
  • Reports - Visualized management of rankings and statistics for messages blocked under auditing policies.

Handy helper to eliminate e-mails mis-sent due to human negligence

  • Alert -E-mails sent to multiple people are automatically converted to blind carbon copy (BCC) to protect recipient details.
  • Real-time - Delayed mail delivery to allow for recovery of mis-sent e-mails.
  • Protection - Abnormal attempts to send large numbers of e-mails are immediately blocked to prevent system congestion.
  • Tracking - Convert attachments to URL for sending large files or for deleting mis-sent files.

World-class bilingual information security with one-step signing and encryption

  • Signature -Exclusive corporate signature that prevents the sending of counterfeit e-mails.
  • The PKI encryption - It used for securing important information has proven popular even with government users.
  • Integrated encryption with Mail Box -Mails can be set for encrypted transmission.
  • Exclusive PDF encryption - Background watermark to improve the confidentiality of contents and attachments.
Mail Audit process explained

The introduction of the Personal Information Protection Act provides for fines of over NT$200 million per case when an organization is proven to have leaked important personal information. E-mails containing all kinds of information can be thoroughly vetted using Mail Audit to effectively intercept those that contain personal information such as name, birth date, contact details (e-mail, address, telephone etc.), financial information (credit card number, ID number), etc. Whenever abnormal information traffic or e-mails that may compromise sensitive information are detected, monitoring personnel are immediately notified and a full report is made available to the auditor. Normal e-mails are allowed to pass through while confidential business documents can be sent securely using corporate signatures, PKI encryption and ZIP encryption to the correct recipient.

Mail Audit mail audit process explained
Mail Audit mail audit process explained

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