Availability of Enterprise IT Services Guaranteed with Cloud Servers

When the servers of enterprise IT services encounter either power outage or internet disconnectivity, the productivity of employees might be seriously impacted, and that is why management staffs need to setup additional servers to monitor the services and instantly understand the situation of outage. However, if the servers of monitoring purpose and IT services are located in the same environment, the incident will impact both of their functions.

Mail SysMonitor is a mail system monitoring application provided by cloud servers with High Availability structure. It monitors the enterprises’ SMTP server, operates 24x7 to ensure the availability of IT services, and notifies management staffs with text message and e-mail when anomalies happen for instant trouble shooting and the shortest meantime to recovery.

The automated monitoring system operates as technical and customer service staffs who work all-year round. It monitors all running IT services proactively so IT staffs would not have to worry about issues related to hardware, internet connections, system and manpower management, and thus can focus on the development of core business.

Service Features
  • 7 x 24 x 365 automatically monitoring the operating status of enterprise mail servers.
  • Operating all-year round to ensure the availability of customers’ IT services.
  • Notifying management staffs with text messages when anomalies happen.
Fields of Application
  • Government agencies.
  • Electronics manufacturing industry.
  • Academic organizations.
  • Financial institutions.
  • General enterprises.
Structure of the Platform
Structure of the Platform
Benefits of Application
Enterprise Operation Ensured
  • Accurately monitor the operating status of enterprise mail servers and notify management staffs immediately when anomalies happen for instant trouble shooting.
Management Efficiency Improved
  • Webmail mailboxes are provided during recovery period.
  • Receiving mails during recovery period and allowing users to forward mails back to mail server.
  • All-year round network monitoring service.
Enterprise Investment in Manpower, Equipment and Capital Reduced
  • No huge investment in capital or manpower is needed for deployment and maintenance so IT staffs can focus on their core tasks.