For enterprises that deploy cloud services, the security of data is the most crucial issue; they are welcomed to deploy Backup and DR along with information security solutions to guarantee data security.

Backup and DR Information Security Integration Applications

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Backup and DR

Your Best Guardian of Enterprise Operation
Disaster Recovery as a Service

The existing DR solutions in the market are either too expensive or too complicated to operate for enterprises, especially for the IT staffs in SME. In response to this situation, Chief Telecom’s AppCloud DRaaS solution is in place to provide enterprises with the most cost-effective and easy-to-deploy Cloud DR solution yet with high performance. With AppCloud DRaaS solution, the key services of enterprises can be activated on the cloud within one hour of the incident, which can make sure there is no interruption of the service.

Service Features
  • Backup

    Before the incident
    No downtime required for service backup.

  • Redundancy

    During the incident
    Restore operation based on planned RTO/RPO.

  • Recovery

    After the incident
    Recover the services back to the original datacenter for operation.

High cost-performance ratio

Within just one hourRTO/RPO can be flexibly adjusted based on demands and services can be restored within planned time.

AffordableThe best enterprise DR solution for SMEs.

User-friendly interface

123 GO!Just three steps to complete the setup which non-IT staffs can also easily operate.

AutomationAutomated backup procedures to reduce human errors.


P2V, V2V supportedTwo-way backup and DR supported between physical servers and virtual machines.

Cross-HypervisorNot tied to one single brand anymore.

Service Features
  • Able to migrate services from physical servers to the cloud environment.
  • Incremental backup that requires no interruption on services and data.
  • Speedy activation of services at DR site or on the cloud environment.
  • Users can define the interval of taking snapshots.
  • User-friendly interface which allows users to setup origins, targets and workload.
Benefits of Application
  • Backup services on the cloud environment and only conduct failover or failback to save the cost of deploying DR datacenters.
  • Non-stop backup of key services can greatly improve the SLA of enterprise IT.
  • Protect enterprises from ransomware attacks – just recover the data to the time before the attack.

Information Security Integration Applications

Security protection designed for cloud services and serving right from the cloud

Chief Telecom’s cloud computing platform service not only takes care of the security of physical and network infrastructure levels and hypervisor, but also strengthens cloud VM’s information security and verification mechanisms, so as to protect what customers upload to the cloud. Chief Cloud Security as a Service offers all the required protection functions, which spares enterprises of the heavy management work and makes them able to focus on their core business.