A professional and powerful digital survey service to enhance performance and efficiency

Survey service can be applicable to many scenarios and all kinds of business fields, such as for employees, customers or suppliers. Also, it is able to obtain direct internal and external opinions, performance feedback, item counts, etc. in the most efficient way, and then convert them into valuable viewpoints to help improve sales performance, process efficiency, and service quality.

SurveyCake provides enterprise-level, cloud-based survey service, with which users can design professional and various questionnaires by themselves. Different from the general online survey services, SurveyCake focuses on solving problems faced by users when they build surveys and analyze collected data, so as to help enterprise design a good questionnaire easily and efficiently.

Service Features
Top 10 key tips
  • Bringing in answers of previous questions as the options choices of next question by using selected-based question type to acquire precise opinions.
  • Automatically isolate responses that do not meet conditions set improve data accuracy.
  • Set a timer for questions. Let respondents take their time.
  • Save time and design better questionnaires by add options in bulk.
  • Easily enter the number of winners and draw the lucky one by clicking one button!
  • Generate cross tabulation table effortlessly and explore valuable insights.
  • Use subsurveys to easily analyze data from each branch, each quarter and each department.
  • Bring in default data to the questionnaire and automatically produce corresponding URL of each customized questionnaire.
  • Facebook Pixel allows you to send surveys to your target audience more precisely.
  • Embed Google Analytics tracking code in the survey to understand the survey browsing status and visitor behaviors.
Service Functions
SurveyCake Surveycake PRO
Google Forms
Question type 15 kinds of question type(selection based、statement、ranking、line/break、reCAPTCHA included) 10 kinds of question type
User interface Simple and friendly user interface. Click or drag to add questions with function tips. Drop-down menu question type without function tips
Customized look Images can be inserted in the header/footer to create an exclusive style survey. Images can only be inserted in the header
Template 8 kinds of application scenarios over 70 kinds of templates to use No template, bulid up from nothing
Notification Not only survey designer can receive e-mail notification, but also respondent and custom someone. Only the survey designer can receive e-mail notification.
Way of questionnaire sharing URL link/QR code/Embed code E-mail/URL link/Embed code
Marketing tools supported 1. Google Analytics tracking code is supported to the survey browsing status and visitor behavior.
2. Facebook Pixel can be embeded in the surveys, which allows you to send surveys to target audience more precisely.
Result display Word cloud, pie chart/bar chart, slides mode supported; able to switch between different display modes. Simple pie chart/bar chart supported; not able to switch between different display modes.
Export format Excel, SPSS, PDF Excel
Multiple functions
  • Skip-to Link.
  • Import Questions.
  • Import Previous input to title.
  • Response Limit.
  • Responses time spent requirement.
  • Repeated Response Detection
  • Default Data imported in advance.
  • Random Picker.
  • Subsurveys.
  • Cross analysis.
  • Period of validity setting.
  • Selection Limit.
Skip-to Link and Import Questions
Security SSL/TSL protection, password protection, reCAPTCHA verification. None
Support Online instructions, Q&A, online customer service. Online document support center
Fields of Application
External (Customers/up and downstream vendors)
  • Satisfaction survey:Dining/Hotel/Courses/Delivery/Customer Service/Website/Event
  • Reservation survey:Hotel booking/Reservation/Facility rental
  • Preference survey:Product/Travel/Online shopping/Financial behavior/Maintenance preference/Dining out/Learning /Car purchasing/Breakfast/Exercise habit/Product trial
  • Event registration:Movie theatre Reservation /Course registration/Seminar registration
  • Statistics:Taking leave from courses/Remittance confirmation/Wedding cash gift records
  • Information Collection:Membership data collection/Health statement/Polling
Internal (Employees)
  • Satisfaction survey:Courses/Events/Onboarding/Interview
  • Reservation survey:Lunch delivery/Group buying
  • Preference survey:Learning demand/Logo preference counts/Feedbacks
  • Event registration:Lessons/Event registration
  • Statistics:Taking leave from courses/Performance Review/Payment application/Sales performance report
  • Information collection:Recruitment application/Health statement/Resignation investigation/Job participation
Various application scenarios for all of industries


Must-have templates
for HR


Interview satisfaction survey Efficiently improving the interview process to appeal to talents
New employee survey Improving the on-boarding process to improve staff productivity
Job participation survey Creating a highly-efficient working environment to unite the team
Training satisfaction survey Improving each training course to provide the required lessons
Resigned employee survey Discovering and solving internal problems in prevention of losing more talents



Must-have templates for marketing


Membership data collection Collecting customer data to enhance sales performance
Sales performance report Recording spent amount and number of visitors to analyze data more easily
Event satisfaction survey Collecting feedbacks easily to proceed with customer group statistics
Product feedback survey Understanding customers’ pain points and user profile to improve marketing strategy
Poll Understanding public opinions to know the tendency
Event registration Efficiently attracting registration and precisely collecting registration information




Must-have templates for retailers


Delivery satisfaction survey: Customer feedback on product delivery to improve service quality
Website satisfaction survey Using SUS as website optimization guidelines
Product fundraising Collecting marketing information efficiently and investigate customer needs easily.
Group buying and order forms Collecting all order information directly to save manpower.
Branch sales performance report Collecting sales performance and number of visitors of each branch, and checking data of each branch easily.
Product feedback survey Understanding customers’ pain points and user profile to improve marketing strategy.



Must-have templates for catering/hotel industries


Food sampling survey Recording customers’ demand clearly to create high sales performance
Dining satisfaction survey Appealing to regular customers with considerate customer service
Online reservation Collecting reservation information easily to manage related customer information
Online reservation of rooms Arranging huge reservation requirement easily to save on manpower cost
Accommodation satisfaction survey Appealing to regular customers with considerate customer service and high quality of accommodation

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